This is the first step to taking your business to the next level

If you are serious about wanting to grow your business, and the thought of running an efficient and effective successful business excites you, then you’d benefit from coaching.

Roger Lamb is an award-winning coach based in Hampshire. He is a Chartered Accountant, Master NLP Practitioner and a published author.

Sometimes business coaches can offer more bluster than business sense so having a set of questions like the following allows you to compare like with like and find the coach that resonates with you and will give you the best chance of accelerated success. Hiring a business coach is an incredibly personal choice, there must be a connection and a mutual sense that you could work well together.

6 Questions to ask your coach BEFORE you hire them:
  1. How would you describe business coaching?

You’re looking for someone to hold a mirror up to your organisation, find out what’s stopping you from achieving your goals, help you create a clear action plan to deliver them, and stick around until it’s done

  1. What Results have you generated for your clients?

You’re not paying for someone’s time, you’re paying for their expertise. Look for a range of testimonials from satisfied clients. Your potential business coach should be happy to provide contact details of past and present clients who you can speak to directly

  1. What are your specific business skills?

The best business coaches understand how to make your business work and have expert skills in business areas that you can utilise to help grow your business faster. They are well-read, can utilise business systems and strategies and tailor them effectively to suit your business needs

  1. What types of businesses do you coach?

You don’t need a coach who is an expert in your industry; bringing ideas in from other industries and sectors can be valuable and offer competitive leverage. Some business coaches naturally find a niche which can be useful to your specific business challenges ort goals.

  1. How do you manage your coaching business?

Profits are driven by firstly testing and measuring your numbers, making sure that you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. You want to find out if your business coach earns all of their income from their coaching business and know if they have a solid lead-generation system themselves

  1. Who is YOUR business coach?

A good business coach will always have their own coach – otherwise suggesting that you should hire them would be a little hypocritical. If they truly believe that coaching ensures they are continually improving and developing their business then they too will engage the services of a coach. This will also mean they are also able to stay current with coaching practices.

Want to explore working with me as your business coach? 

If you like how Disney operates, want free access to over £4000 worth of business books, and your family is an important motivator for the success of your business, I’m sure we’ll get on well together.

What others say

Here are some comments from my current and past clients:

“With the assistance of Roger, we have doubled turnover, added concise systems and procedures making the business easier to run as the organisation continues to grow.”

“Roger always has time to listen to our concerns, not just during our booked sessions, but also when we need a clear set of eyes on a situation. He always has proactive solutions to our challenges and explains himself clearly”

“It can be lonely at the top – it’s great to have Roger to bounce ideas with. I feel calmer knowing there is now a plan for the business”

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