What is it?

The Scarborough Business Heroes Project celebrates the diversity of business we have in Scarborough but also explores with Scarborough based businesses what they believe is good and not so good about doing business in Scarborough.

The origin of the project was a random comment made by a Scarborough business owner. In my coaching practice, it is the comments that appear randomly made that are often the key to underlying issues. So I pricked up my ears, tuned in and wondered how wide spread in Scarborough this individual belief was. And so my project was born: to dig into the perceived experience of doing business in Scarborough with 50 (number plucked from air) local businesses, to analyse any common themes and, because I’m a business coach and genuinely very passionate about all aspects of Scarborough, see what Action I can take – and compile it all into a book.

That’s how the project came about.

What Next?

Since speaking with more and more business owners for this project, however, the scope has expanded a bit. We have many common themes emerging from our conversations, one of which is that I can help with many of the challenges our local business owners face every day. So I have a lot of great material for the book that I intend to be the final output.

Another theme is that we don’t tell enough people loudly enough about that the great work we do and how amazingly awesome our products and services are. So I’ve decided that I’ll also be writing up the posts about the businesses I meet – with their consent of course – to celebrate all the work that goes on in our fabulous town to help keep its economy going and growing, and as a thank you to those business owners who have happily and generously engaged with me in this project.

There are some emerging themes too about the problems business face and my book will be looking at those with ideas, strategies, systems and case studies about how business coaching could help.

You can read the most recent interviews with Scarborough Business owners on my blog.

Taking Part

If you’re a business owner based in Scarborough and would like to take part, please just get in touch. Call me on 01723 384542 or 07818 646672