We all think we know what it means to run a business, but do you have a business or a job? A business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you according to the founder of the business coaching profession, Brad Sugars.

Brad teaches business owners through his 17 global best sellers and a team of ActionCOACH business growth specialists how to build a business that works so you don’t have to!


Make things simple

When you look at your list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks, how many of them have a complex and long process? Maybe some have a few steps that can be cut out, or others can be rolled together to make a significant dent in your to-do list. A fresh pair of experienced eyes often helps identify these quick wins.

Make things automated

In a similar vein to the previous point, automation will quickly become your go-to solution when you’re striving for that lazy excellence. If you find your time being eaten away at a lot of small tasks, like invoice reminders, confirmation emails or social media posts, smart use of automation is a big time-saver. When you cut out the smaller, simple tasks, your focus can then be turned to the more important ones that will likely make you more money and increase the monetary value of your time.

Make a delegation system

Little daily tasks eating away at your time? Sometimes these can be unavoidable, as only you can do them at that moment. However, when it comes to tasks that can easily be done by other members of your team, and therefore free up your valuable time to work on the business – delegate them down!

That sounds simple and quick… The reality is it is simple and it will work sustainably if you do it the right way, but you will need to work on it for a few weeks first. Completing your time study and fun-skill matrix, and using proven recruitment and management processes are the keys to this success.

If you’re feeling weighed down by your businesses and team’s continual demands on your time, I hope this article inspires you to take action to turn that around, and start to build a business that serves you.