How would you score yourself out of 10 on the clarity of your Thinking, Actions and Results?

Are you a business owner seekingĀ  an enjoyable, results-focussed approach to leading business growth which places family first?

As a CEO, MD or Business Leader, you own and are accountable for your strategic business direction both long and short term. Typically the number one focus is to maximise personal operating performance and that of your team, for the benefit of your business and personal ambition. Working together you will gain value from an external perspective, determining agreed actions and providing close accountability to keep you ontrack.

I will be your trusted and experienced guide bringing clarity to your business thinking, with practical steps you can implement quickly to achieve the leadership and management outcomes you most desire.

I offer a very personal approach with the benefit of a measured, empathic, listening and questioning style and offer of long term, relevant, practical personal experience over 4 decades. adding to this is an international award-winning, experienced and accredited coaching approach focussed on delivering measurable personal and business results.

My number one focus is...

to bring clarity to your strategic planning, leadership, management, follow-through and accountability

For all of us we desire clarity and yet we see only “through a glass darkly”. For leaders and teams we observe this in the thinking, behaviour and activity happening every day.

My purpose is to help determine what is possible with renewed ambition, focus and clarity. To ensure each smart activity is simplified with effective, disciplined execution and follow-through for consistent, sustained results.

Charles Gulland - Wigwam Holidays

From Manufacturing Business to UK- Wide Franchise

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