From one business adventure to the next

Already a well-established, in his local community, Matt Ewer’s transition into business coaching was smooth. He’d used an Action Coach for his Premier Sport franchise which allowed him to exit and seamlessly launch his ActionCOACH franchise in Rugby in May 2015. Matt was ready for a new adventure.

“From October 2014 to April 2015, I worked with Action Coach, Mark Jennings, to reach a point where I was able to sell my franchise and move onto something new. I had already made my mind up that ActionCOACH would be my next challenge so, once I got to the stage where my previous business was in good shape, I was pretty much ready to get started. I was smitten with their values and a clearly articulated culture. I went on the discovery day and made a conscious decision I wouldn’t need to look at any alternatives.”

Embarking on a new adventure

Matt was then fully prepared to embark on his latest adventure into business coaching. He flew over to Las Vegas to complete his training at ActionCOACH University.

“You’re completely immersed in the ActionCOACH culture during the training – I loved every second. Having been coached before and as a business owner, I could see how much of the learnings could be applied. I’d been looking for a new challenge and I was more motivated than ever before. I moved to a mentality of soaking up as much learning as I could.”

“When you start an ActionCOACH franchise, you’re given a master coach until you reach a good level of income. I maintained my relationship with Mark Jennings as he is a franchise partner but also a master coach with the UK support team – he helped me get up to speed. I launched my franchise in May 2015 and quickly moved to service offices, after securing three clients in the first two months through business networking events.”

“After just two years, I’d reached a monthly client income of £21,000 through a mixture of two-day coaching events, group coaching and one-to-one coaching. My year two turnover was similar to what I was achieving with my previous franchise, but the profit margin is much higher with ActionCOACH.

“It wasn’t just my business that was growing, my family was too. In June 2016, my wife gave birth to twin boys, Ralph and William. The importance of creating a business that would allow more flexibility for work-life balance increased by 200 per cent that day. More time with my family quickly became a necessity and I knew I would need to develop my business to continue to increase income without relying on me constantly being in the office.”

Adventuring further than ever before

In October 2018, ActionCOACH introduced an exclusive territory Firm Builder licence that allows franchise partners to build a firm of employee coaches in an area containing 10,000 business owners. Matt’s dream of building a team of coaches was quickly about to become a reality.

“When I heard about the new licence, I knew I had to get involved straight away. Ever since my twins arrived, it’s been my vision to build a firm and have a business that works in my absence, so it just made complete sense. Establishing my team of employee coaches will mean I can depend on them to keep the business running when I’m out, so I can enjoy spending precious time with my family.”

“Ralph and William are now approaching three and I want to be with them throughout the most crucial parts of their childhood. With my employee coaches, I can reach a new level of consistent income which can be reinvested into marketing to generate more leads. And, with a new team in place, I can become a lot more flexible. It’s a win-win situation.”

Matt currently coaches 19 one-to-one clients, four group coaching clients and has a projected turnover of £350k by the end of his fourth year. With the launch of his latest group coaching ActionCLUB, his first employee coach will be ready to take the reins and lead the session right from the start.

“After their training, I will focus on shadowing and working with them to reach a point where they can run it themselves. I always think that the best way to learn is by getting in and doing it – and there’s no better time than in a group coaching environment. But, of course, I’ll be there with them every step of the way. It will also be great to see how they work in that situation to assess the dynamic between them and the clients. It will be a huge learning curve for me, as much as it is for them.”

“Growing the team will make the transition from being a coach to just focusing on running the business much simpler. I can be working on the operations side of things, whilst my team delivers the results. It will be a true collaborative effort and I’m very excited to see what the future holds.”

Not just my adventure

“The rewards aren’t solely financial either. I get a real boost every time one of my clients makes progress. Trinity Accountants increased their turnover by 125 per cent in the first 12 months of coaching with a 400% upturn in profits. By working with ActionCOACH on her business, Samantha Rollins is now planning to get her firm into the top 100 UK accountants in the next five years.”

Matt actively enjoys the events that ActionCOACH manages as part of over 70 days of support a year. With events such as the Business Excellence Forum and franchise conferences, he gets to benefit from the nationwide collaborative network whilst also building upon his own knowledge as a business owner.

“Going into business can be lonely but we have a community that I expect many other franchises would envy. The support given from ActionCOACH is extraordinary. There’s a constant endeavour to make it better for us – it’s obvious that they want us to win.

“Two years ago, I vowed to myself to grow my business to a firm with multiple coaches. Now that’s becoming a reality and I know my business is about to explode – in a good way!”


Matt Ewer (left) From One Business To The Next

Matt Ewer (left) From One Business To The Next

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