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A 20+ year career spent successfully running businesses and managing brands that serve the independent, small and medium business owner taught me that a business must be constantly and relentlessly DRIVEN forwards.
Connecting with and caring passionately about helping my colleagues and clients is second nature, as is taking enormous personal satisfaction from them reaching objectives that lead to significant business and personal advancement, no matter how large or small the business or where its location is.
All aspects of your business require constant momentum, but none more so than sales and marketing. Every successful business owner understands how to effectively and systematically promote his business and to grow it!
My passionate belief in this core philosophy coupled with my intense desire to learn, develop and add to my knowledge led me to join the world’s number 1 Business Coaching specialist, ActionCOACH. Subsequently I have access to proven intellectual property, training and development resources that, in combination with my experiences and knowledge, allow me to guide and empower my clients as they drive their business forwards.
Running intense, UK and International ‘start up’, ‘turn around’ and ‘development’ businesses forged my coaching and mentoring skills. This experience is crucial when I help clients to:
  • Achieve growth via sales with effective marketing strategies and tactics
  • Major leaps forward in profit generation through robust financial management
  • People development and the implementation of systems that create efficiency
Smart business management allows you to truly enjoy running your business whilst being able to live life to the full and, crucially, give time to family and leisure interests. Which is summed up perfectly by the definition of a successful business as: ‘a commercial, profitable enterprise that could work without you’!
Every brand, product or service needs to be professionally and confidently sold by every person within that organization. Sales, reputation and relationship development must be the top priority throughout every moment of every day, during all client and potential client interaction, face to face, over the phone or via an email. Is this true of your business?
Increasingly business owners are also learning that if they are to maximize their business and personal potential, that of their employees, or enhance the value of their business, the appointment of a Business Coach will be invaluable!
All aspects of your business can be driven forwards and developed, you can make the vision you have for your business and your lifestyle a reality.
Book a complimentary business review with me and I will meet you at your office to show you how.


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