My coaching philosophy is to help clients put more emphasis on their people and systems as the engine for business success.

If you are like most business owners you have a pretty good idea what you should do but executing it in a way that leads to success doesn’t always happen as easily as it should.

When we work together the initial steps are to implement or refine your financial, operational, sales and marketing and management systems to maximise the results you can get with your team. Using the Archimedes’ principle of leverage, we first decide what size of business you want because that defines the length of the lever required…

Business success…

is found in your numbers, your people and your processes backed by your vision, decision-making and communication. We’ll play to your strengths, develop them and help you find others who are strong in other areas. We’ll look to achieve the best result for everyone.

My aims

  • increase your profitability
  • help your long-term growth
  • maximise the value of your business

And at the same time I recognise that work is only one aspect of your life.

Working with me is about achieving more freedom: freedom to do the things you want to do and financial security regardless of economic conditions.

Your business is a long-term, high-value project that should be handled with care and attention to detail.

I promise to deliver that care and attention to you and your business.