Building Value In Your Business

Would you like to build a more valuable business?

Why? What difference would it make to you? Perhaps you’d like to travel the world while you’re still young enough? Perhaps you’d like to do voluntary work or philanthropy? Perhaps you’ve got another business idea so you’d love to exit your business with a large cash sum to invest in that?

Whatever your reason, what does it take to build a more valuable business?

  • Building a business that can work without you, i.e. your business is under management, can triple the value of your business
  • Having a history of growth and a clear growth plan can double it again
  • Increasing profits almost goes without saying, but increasing them by 61% year on year could add hundreds of thousands to the value of your business
  • A better than average Net Promoter Score can double the value of your business
  • Clear differentiation in your market can double or triple the value
  • Recurring income streams are vital
  • Reducing risk in your market around customers, suppliers, employees and partners can dramatically improve the value and saleability of your business.

Imagine if you worked on all these areas over the coming months…

That’s what we’ll do when we work together.

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My #1 focus is...

… helping business owners to build a more profitable business that can work without them.

When a business works so the owner doesn’t have to it creates freedom of choice for the owners. They gain time to think more strategically about the future of their business. They gain the opportunity to put the business under management. It improves the odds of second generation ownership being successful. It makes the business far more valuable if the exit strategy is to sell.

Whichever is most important to you, I’d love to talk to you about it.

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