How To Follow A 90-Day Plan

The challenge with planning is people don’t follow their plan, they have great intentions, but stuff gets in the way. This is where a more focussed quarterly plan really comes into its own.

Ninety days is long enough to get something substantial done but short enough to keep focus.

Take the years big goals and break it down into four manageable chunks (your four quarters). This might be a financial target, for instance, which becomes the quarters “overriding objective”. To achieve it, you might need to have 3 or 4 big activity levels (goals) such as sales and marketing (for lead gen), team development and systemisation (to get efficiency).

Having got the 3 or 4 goals that connect with the overarching objective, it’s then what actions (small steps) need to take place each week to ensure the goals are either delivered or embedded in the business. Thirteen weeks of activity in 3-4 goals to ensure the overring objective is delivered. By breaking it into really small actions so not only can it be planned for each week but most importantly, it’s not overwhelming.

Most people overestimate what can be achieved within a short space of time but underestimate what can be achieved over a longer timeframe, so don’t overload the first couple of week. Get some early wins, and it changes your whole view on planning!