A practical & profitable business, sales & marketing programme

Join one of our complimentary group coaching taster sessions to experience the amazing community spirit, as well as unlock invaluable knowledge that will help you to rapidly grow your business.

If you are tired of simply surviving in business and are ready to take more cash, win more deals, dramatically improve your bottom line and, to put it bluntly, get your business back on track, then group coaching is for you.

Led by Stuart Wright, Business Coach, this program combines group coaching and accountability, meeting every fortnight, building a strong foundation in ALL the key fundamental areas of business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your business education so you can earn more

  • Be motivated, focused and a better leader

  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition and turn it into a powerful weapon

  • Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills

  • Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back

  • Master cash-flow and improve your profit margins

  • Hire, retain and develop the best team

  • Create systems allowing your business to run without you

  • Achieve better results by improving your time management skills

Throughout the programme, you’ll have mastered not only what to do but also how to do it and you’ll have already implemented many of the strategies learned.

Gain the KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION to create a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you.

Limited to just 10 places per group so we can focus on you and your business challenges & opportunities

N.B. These sessions are for business owners

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15 Jan - 26 Feb 2019

13.00pm to 15.30pm


Rudding Lane , Harrogate

01423 900760

Group Coaching