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We have a range of programmes for any business. You can start with a group Business Review and Business Planning workshop called GrowthCLUB. If you want faster change and more profits right now, you can join our 30X Business Plus programme with daily ‘how to’ videos; or join our Business Growth Group called ActionCLUB –…

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Book Club

Event Dates Thursday 10th September 2020 Thursday 8th October 2020 Thursday 12th Nov 2020 Thursday 10th Dec 2020 Thursday 14th Jan  2021 Thursday 11th Feb 2021 De-stress and learn with like-minded business owners This monthly event is a great opportunity to learn, network with other businesses and to implement real changes into both your life and…

The Business Workshop Series

In business, just as in life, you can’t stand still. You’re either getting ahead and growing or you’re in a downward terminal spiral. Just look at the statistics, which indicate around 90% of businesses fail in the first 10 years. You need to ensure your business strategies are in place, and working towards your overall…

90-Day Business Planning Workshop 90-day-business-planning 90-day-business-planning-workshop growth-club growthclub workshop

GrowthCLUB: 90 day planning workshop

Create your business GROWTH plan for the next 90 days With my clients we normally have a 90 day planning session.  There are heaps of benefits to planning 4 times per year rather than just one.  As the kids go back to school, and we enter what many are calling “The New Normal” … is…

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free-taster-session sales Webinar

Sales Academy Taster Session

The economy is on shaky ground; people are getting made redundant, others are furloughed … unless you are selling PPE or hand sanitizer, your business will need to make some changes to your sales and marketing, and make them now if you want to survive and thrive in 2020 Join us from the safety of…