Kevin Stansfield has been an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner since May 2006

 1. Who has had the greatest influence on your business and why? 

100% me, just as it is with any business owner, the better I am the better my business is.  After that it is the team I have built around me, my wife keeps me grounded, my biz partner Colin provides a different view and set of skills that challenge my thinking, the whole ActionCOACH community for pushing the boundaries and ensuring I don’t sit still.

2.  What is the most important characteristic an Action coach must have and why?

Resilience.  Just when you think you have cracked it you realise that there is another challenge to overcome.  But this is no different to being great at anything.  More people give up before they reach their goal, because they are not willing to do what it takes.

3. What have you done/do you do to contribute to our shared vision of World Abundance through Business Re-Education?

Probably not enough. But my purpose is to help anybody that wants it. To this end I talk at schools and colleges, I have coached charities, people who could not pay me.  I am currently coaching a tennis player who has a goal of winning Wimbledon, on the basis that the skills I give her will ensure she has a career after tennis.  When my coaching firm works without me I would love to do more.

4. Of the 14 points of Culture which one most resonates with you and why?

Commitment, and not just because it has a picture of Lucas.  “I give myself and everything I commit to 100% until I succeed.”  You are either in or you are out.  People who play games without giving their all just annoy me, they are hangers on, ride other people’s success train.  I would rather climb half the mountain myself than get a lift on somebody else’s back to the summit.  Might be why I am still climbing the bloody mountain!!

5. What’s been your toughest challenge in ActionCOACH and how did you break through it?

I could write a book on this.  Oh! I did  To be honest I look back on the challenges that were tough in the past and laugh at them as being tiny molehills.  The great thing about resilience is that you toughen up “what does not kill you makes you stronger”.  Compared to the challenges some of my clients face and the likes of our colleague Kent Rhodes, it’s all chicken shit. S.U.M.O (shut up and move on)!!

6. What’s been your proudest/most fulfilling moment in ActionCOACH

Every time a client has a great success, and sometimes it is the small ones that mean so much.  One of my clients sold their business for £10m+ but that did not compare to another who had their first holiday with the family in 20 years.  This is a great business for being proud and fulfilled.

“The view from the top of the mountain is awesome for those prepared to make the climb”

7. What’s your next big goal?

Apart from coaching a Wimbledon champion.  I am still working to a goal of have a coaching business helping 200+ clients achieve their goals.

I have spent 6 years learning how not to do it and the journey has been fun, and when I  get there I will be a far better me than when I started.

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