The top 4 essential elements you need
to achieve success as a Business Coach


Joining a franchise is one of the leading paths to business success for entrepreneurs, as the business starts with a fully developed system and support. To ensure your success, ActionCOACH reveals the top 4 elements franchise partners need to be aware of.

1. Client acquisition

A large portion of a franchise partner’s success comes down to their ability to connect with others. If you think you work in a Business-To-Consumer (B2C) or Business-To-Business (B2B) setting, you’re wrong. We are no longer living in a B2C or B2B world it’s Human-To-Human. Being able to converse and understand the needs of those you are working with is essential. This goes beyond what you can learn in a book or on a course, but rather is something that is developed through time and practice. For the business coaching profession, in order to support business owners when they’re feeling vulnerable, you will need to put them at ease through building rapport and establishing yourself as a trustworthy confidant.

2. An entrepreneurial discipline

To achieve success in any industry, a business owner must be results-focused and ambitious to reach new heights – this is no different for franchise partners! Without this internal driver, entrepreneurs will find themselves stuck in slow progress and unlikely to reach the milestones of success in good time.

Take a look at our Entrepreneurial Ladder video which explains how you can create a business that works without you. This is the journey we take our clients through and also our franchise partners.


3. Coachable

The basis of any franchise is the business foundation that has been proven to work time and time again, no matter the location or climate. The best way to find success as a partner is therefore to follow the framework and allow yourself to be taught.

A core principle at ActionCOACH is the belief that what got you hear won’t get you there (the goals you set yourself), and so personal growth is essential to business growth. Doing the same actions or repeating the same behaviours won’t get you to a different outcome, so a desire to learn and improve yourself and your knowledge is what sets apart the most successful franchise partners.

4. Patience and perseverance

The start-up phase of any business can be tiresome and challenging, but to become a top performing franchise partner you will need the drive to thrive through this. Your patience and perseverance will need to double up with your ambition to take you to the next level, as growth won’t happen overnight.

This is where being able to see the bigger picture and the future of your company, comes into play. Keeping sight of the future will help with pushing through the challenge of the present and help you in framing the steps you need to take to reach it.


While there are many elements that create a successful franchise partner, these 4 are among the top factors that are seen time and time again and cannot be ignored.

Do you think you have these 4 elements to achieve success in the ActionCOACH business coaching franchise? Take the Business Coach Quiz to see!

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