Not Many Franchises Achieve The WorkBuzz coveted

5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Awards Status 7 Times

ActionCOACH 2019 5 Stars Awards

 Why are the awards so coveted?

Increasingly, choosing a product, service or business is about reviews and ratings as opposed to old-school advertising and promotion. It’s often how you choose your hotel and how you choose which restaurant to eat at. When it comes to 5-Star awards, the WorkBuzz award matters because it is driven by what the networks of franchisees across the UK think of their franchise. Achieving 5-Star award means the franchise is rated above the average of the 100+ participating franchises in all six key areas of evaluating a franchise, from training and support through to value and rewards.

Over the last few years, WorkBuzz has put together a panel of judges to evaluate the top three low-priced (sub £25k), mid-priced and high-priced franchises and find a Best Franchise Winner… again, the winners are revealing, take a look at the table below:

Year Sub-£25k Winner Mid-priced Winner High-priced Winner
2016 diddi dance ActionCOACH Right at Home
2015 diddi dance ActionCOACH TaxAssist Accountants
2014 Puddle Ducks ActionCOACH TaxAssist Accountants

An elite company

These outstanding results year after year makes ActionCOACH one of few franchises to receive the 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction rating 7 times! Ian Christelow, ActionCOACH’s UK Co-founder explains. “These awards mean the most to our team because they are based on our partners’ feelings about our franchise. No matter how great your system is, if your franchise partners aren’t happy, then growth is not possible. We consider our franchise partners to be our business partners. We work hard to provide the best support and opportunities for growth. Their anonymous feedback gives us the confidence we’re on the right track but we’ll never become complacent. We’re also very proud to be one of few franchises with multiple stars to our name!”

2019 5 Star Franchise Satisfaction               2016 client satisfaction award          2014 client satisfaction logo     5-Star-Franchisee-Satisfaction-Logo-High-Res

Join a rewarding profession

Mark Jennings, has been an ActionCOACH franchise partner since 2011 and says, “I’m giving people their life back – they’re working for their business and have no work-life balance or no head space to grow their companies.” For instance, Kevin had one client, in the electronics sector, who had been stuck in their business for 5 years, with a crippling workload. Within 9 months Kevin had freed him from the business. Another, running a sailing school from his attic almost 24/7, now only needs to work one day per week. While with Kevin’s help, the owner of a children’s nursery has been able to get out of the day to day running of things. As well as concentrating on growing the business – as a result, she has rapidly moved from 5 to 10 nurseries.

Mitali Chopra, a franchise partner since August 2016 says, “I chose ActionCOACH because I wanted the opportunity to build my own business and create impact in peoples’ lives, both in business and personally. Within 8 weeks of launching my ActionCOACH business, I had signed up five one-to-one coaching clients. Bringing in a monthly income that was close to eclipsing my previous corporate salary. The work I do is life-changing for my business owner clients. They understand their business better, improve profitability, enjoy work more and can see the possibility of more growth and financial freedom in the future. ActionCOACH gives me the flexibility to choose a work-life balance. Whilst I intend to work hard at my business, I can still make time for my family. I am proud to be an Action Coach because of the wonderful team who support me. As well as the powerful vision which drives me.”