You may have come across the name Brad Sugars in business circles around the world but those who are either new to business or who are just unaware, Brad Sugars is the president, chairman and founder of the worldwide business coaching brand ActionCOACH which he started in 1994 in Brisbane, Australia, which was known then as Action International.

Brad was always entrepreneurial even from a young age; whilst in university studying for a business and accounting degree he ran a self-service photocopy shop and the shop was one of the first of its kind in Australia. He was later asked to speak to other business owners and executives, to share his tips and tricks and because of his talent for making businesses flourish from a young age, he became known as “The Turnaround Kid”.

He soon started consulting for other businesses sharing his tips and tricks on systemising, marketing, sales and team building and realising he couldn’t meet the demand of people who were asking to be taught by him but still wanting people to put what he had taught them into practice, he made the decision to franchise the business. The ActionCOACH headquarters are now based in Las Vegas and has been since 2006.The business has over one thousand offices in fifty nine different countries around the world.


Since starting up ActionCOACH Brad Sugars has penned several books about these topics with his ‘Instant Success’ series, which consists of 15 books with titles such as The Business Coach: A Millionaire Entrepreneur Reveals the 6 Critical Steps to Business Success and Instant Cashflow: Hundreds of Proven Strategies to Win Customers, Boost Margins and Take More Money Home. Brad continues to do talks all over the world.