The development of modern business technology gives all businesses the opportunity to develop low-cost products and services at great quality.

Digital marketing and social media can empower your business to reach full market potential all over the world. Staying in-the-know on the latest trends is vital in maintaining relevance in the ever-changing world of commerce.

  1. Web presence

Nowadays, internet tools provide attainable and affordable solutions for businesses in every industry – it gives businesses more control over brand development, marketing and customer engagement.

Reports state that a whopping 97% of internet users conduct online research on local products and services before purchasing. A business’ website as well as reviews and testimonials play important roles in not just whether or not a customer buys a product, but also in whether they share that product with others online.

But Local Search Association Insider has reported that nearly half of small business owners’ websites are not accessible via mobile, and many don’t have a website at all! Now is the best time to make a change. Business owners on a budget can build clean websites with programmes like Squarespace or WordPress, with online courses available on Lynda to support.

  1. Millennials

With its oldest members now entering their 30s, the millennial generation is changing the way businesses manage the workplace. Millennials (people born between 1982 and 1999) demand comprehensive opportunities for growth and leadership.

They also adopt new technologies as they’re announced, avoiding the awkward adjustment phase every previous generation has endured after a computer or software update. In return for improved products and services, 86% of millennials are willing to provide insight on their consumer habits, often through online surveys.

If you’re an entrepreneur from the millennial generation, the ability to rapidly spread information is critical to successful marketing. They also seem to be more conscious about the responsibility exhibited by their surrounding staff. In an effort to maintain that work-life balance, they often seek workers and workplaces with shared ethics and ideals.

  1. Introducing fun and games

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span is eight seconds, falling from an average of twelve seconds in 2000. The study shows that mobile devices are partly to blame for this.

One way creative businesses will achieve better engagement is through games – whether it be in the traditional form or electronic, the idea is to make activities fun and engaging. Many sales companies embrace role-playing to develop their staff skills, but introducing a fun improvisation game this can be much more fun, and can mean better results.