Wanting more time is the most common reason my clients choose to work with me – although more profit is usually very welcome too!

I started talking to one of my clients back in March 2016 – at that time he had a family member who was suffering with a serious illness and that had brought to head the fact he was tied to his business which although very successful, demanded more of his time than he wanted to give – I remember him saying “stick a broom up my…… and I’ll sweep the floor whilst I’m doing everything else.”

He wanted was more time with his family without jeopardising the business. After I explained my approach, he signed up for coaching sessions and I guaranteed that providing he did his part, I would either cover my fees through increased profitability or I would refund the difference.

18 months later the business is working pretty much without my client (although he pops in a few mornings a week and has critical team performance measures in place) and we went on to more than cover the coaching fees in year one and are on track to make significantly more profit in year two. Moral of the story – we can always make more money but your time is limited and should be invested wisely