Showing my age now, but for my 10th birthday I had a Raleigh Chopper – came across this photo when visiting Mum today.

David Lee ActionCOACH Business Coach

David Lee ActionCOACH Business Coach

Getting a bicycle for your birthday might be unremarkable but I was bowled over my actually getting one of these – my parents definitely considered the Chopper to be “frivolous” and in our house “sensible” was the family watch-word back then in the early 70’s  – so me getting such a prize was very much against the odds.

That wasn’t the last time they didn’t see my actions as being sensible – my first job was in 1978 when I joined NatWest – which was meant to be a job for life – well that’s how Dad saw it – he never really understood why after 20 odd years I chose to leave it and change my career direction.

Well having learnt to leave one organisation, I made a habit of it – learning new stuff each time and taking that experience with me until finally I went self-employed and now work with a wide range of businesses giving me new experiences every day.


Maybe the mindset shift away from “sensible” that I got on my 10th birthday was more important than the bicycle!