Business Planning Event

Our next 90 day business planning day will be held on Friday 20th March 2020. This is a fully catered and facilitated day designed to ensure all attendees leave with a time-lined action plan for their business to achieve the goals they set for quarter two of 2020.

Cost – £200+VAT or FREE to attend for coaching clients.  VENUE Norwich Family Golf Centre. Bawburgh. Norwich.

Here is a recent testimonial for the Planning Day

“I attended a 90-Day Planning Growth club action day with Roger Pemberton. At first, I felt guilty about being away from my day to day work; however, Roger reassured me that I need to spend time working ‘on’ my business and not just ‘in’ it.

Within a short space of time, I was thinking about my business more intelligently after having to evaluate my highs and lows, challenges faced and my vision for its future.

I found writing everything down and having the opportunity to discuss it in an open forum hugely beneficial. I spend a lot of time working alone, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or let doubt set in, being able to listen to other peoples experiences in the group is reassuring, and I picked up a few new tips too.

I left feeling motivated and confident that my goals are well within in my reach and learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to take time out to regain focus.”

Kerry Grady, @MarketingMttrs_ Marketing Matters

Please e-mail or call 07511969690 to find out more.

If you are not sure if this will be valuable please take a minute to read these recent testimonials to help you decide :-

“I find the 90 Day Planning really valuable. I always leave motivated with a clear plan of what to do. As long as you keep the plan with you and refer to it every day, you really hit your goals and get to where you want to be. I find myself looking forward to coming again in the next 90 days. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s in business, whether you’re a small business or a large company. It just really refocuses where you want to be and gets you motivated and fired up!” Louise Ives, Louise Ives Wilkinson Design

“The 90 Day Planning Event is an opportunity to get a day out of my chaos, and I get to sit and take my vision and big dreams and break them down into really small parts which make them achievable. When I come back I’m always delighted and I can see how much my business has moved along. I find it really useful to put up the plan in front of me, as it reminds me each week to do something. It’s making things that are huge much more achievable.” Helen Adshead, Weddell & Turner

“Roger gives me more detail and something else to think about. There’s always something I haven’t thought about, and that’s the reason why I come to these 90 Day Planning events.” Karin Carrutchers, Screen Blue Murder 

Call me on 07511 969690 or e-mail to book your place.

20 Mar 2020

10.00am to 16.00pm

from £200+VAT

Dunham Road, Easton, , Norwich