What’s your Vision?

Whenever a new building is being built it has to start with a vision of what the building will actually look like when it is complete.  Architects and Designers spend huge amounts of time creating models and designing 3D fly through video’s.  These depict the end-result for the investors and future owners to see what they are buying into.

The same is true for your business so, what’s your business going to look like when it’s finished?  I ask you this because unless you plan on working till the day you die, your business will need to be finished at some point.

Consider your answers to these questions:

  1. How big is my business going to be?
  2. How many people will my business employ?
  3. What type of customers will my business serve and where are they located?
  4. Where is the business located?
  5. How much money is going to be making?
  6. What functions will be performed by the business and the people within it?

The Business of Your Dreams…

In order to build the business of your dreams you have to know what the business is going to look like when its done. Otherwise, it may end up looking, and behaving, in a way that you never imagined.  That’s where many business owners find themselves after years of pouring themselves into their businesses. The effect of this lack of design or vision can be that the business becomes a trap for the business owners’ soul from which they can never escape!  Sound Familiar?

Change whilst in flight…or fix it before you get to 30,000 feet

Changing a business whilst still managing to service a vast array of customers, keep multiple employees happy and engaged is like trying to change the engine, the wings, the seats and the fuel on a passenger plane, mid-flight, without the passengers ever finding out about it!  Of course this all needs to be done whilst you try desperately to avoid crashing to the ground! – basically – it’s really hard and much better to have the structure you want before you take off.


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