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Ian Finney MBA

Principal Business Coach

07716 292378

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Who is Ian?

Confident and Approachable: With an attitude to business and life in that to succeed in what you do, then you first need to enjoy what you do.

  • A Motivated, Proactive, Committed Individual: Throughout every level of the
    business spectrum.
  • What Can You Expect: Progression quicker than you would on your own.
  • From providing an ego check to helping expand your network, coaching will give you
    both the tools and perspective you need to go from point A to point B.

The potential to make more money.

We give you a Guaranteed Return on your Investment, or your money back!

Show me any other coaching firm that can give you that guarantee.

James Vincent

UK Performance Director

James is Director of Elite Performance at ActionCOACH and works closely with Ian to grow coaching performance. His record speaks for its self.  James specialises in developing winning teams and embedding high performance cultures in organisations which speaks volumes. He’s coached 3 Team GB Badminton Players into the Top 5 in the World… 1 winning a Bronze Medal at 2016’s Rio Olympics.

Jamie Goral

Master Coach, Ian's Coach and one of the five.......

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Every successful business owner has their coach, and I’m no exception!

Jamie is passionate about the philosophy of helping business owners create better businesses by coaching Business owners to understand who they are as people whilst developing their strengths. 

Pam Featherstone

Global Business Coach, mentor and one of the five........

After building and selling multiple businesses, Pam made the decision to become a full time business coach and work with other business owners to help them fulfill their dreams. She grew her coaching business to over £1 million in revenue in less than three years by helping business owners transform their businesses.

Lynn Parkinson

Finance Manager

01942 366225

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Lynn is the brains behind the business. With a banking, accountancy and compliance background, she helps Ian run a tight ship!

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