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If you give me 30 days I’ll give you the insight and knowledge to bring your business forward.

Delivered in in bite sized chunks this 6 week course of combined coaching and education will take your business forward.

Are you are looking for:
  • More time?
  • More profits?
  • A streamlined business?

If so, you need to feeding your existing knowledge and experience.

For just £99 + VAT, you’ll learn how to get the best out of your business and bounce back stronger than before. If you’re looking to improve any aspect of your business, you want to grow or you’re looking to structure your business ready for sale you need to register for this.

You’ll see benefits across your entire business as well as your team!

Watch a 30 minute video daily five days of the week, followed by a 15 minute coaching session at the end of the week to discuss your learnings and, more importantly, work out how to implement them into your business for best results.

At the end of the programme, you’ll create your own simple 90 day plan to take you through the next three months of uncertainty and have the opportunity to apply to join the next level coaching programme.

These sessions contain every ounce of Brad Sugar’s 30 years’ experience as a highly successful entrepreneur and investor.

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Skill One

Wealth Creation: because building wealth is more than just making money

Skill Two

Business Mastery: Get control of the four elements of business mastery: Direction; Time; Money and Delivery so you’re well prepared for life as an entrepreneur

Skill Three

Finding Your Niche: Picking a niche is almost as difficult as sticking with one. Resist the pressure to be something to everyone and double down on a single market

Skill Four

Lead Generation: Master lead generation is a critical skill to growing a good business

Skill Five

Sales Systems: One of the most avoided yet powerful skills out there. Once you’ve got people to your door you have to maintain their attention

Skill Six

Customer Care: No matter what type of business you’re in, the customer always comes first

Skill Seven

Profit Margins: When you have good margins in your business, the sky is the limit

Skill Eight

Creating Systems: Without standard operating procedures in place within your business, you can’t control the quality or consistency of you or your team’s work

Skill Nine

Growing a Team: Having a talented, motivated team is central to growing a successful business

Skill Ten 

Thinking Bigger: As the founder of your business, ensure you are in the position to make long-term decisions


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20 Jul - 31 Aug 2020

01.00am to 17.00pm

from £99+VAT