It’s that time again for owners and customers alike! Santa Claus is coming to town, again!

Here are a few tips on getting your business ‘Christmas Ready or click here to contact me.

Get into the festive spirit

Keep your customers engaged. It never surprises me how far some Christmas decorations can go. But the same can’t be said for every Christmas Promotion! We all love that ‘little extra’ so be a little more creative with your promotion ideas. What can you do better than your competition

Be Visible on Social Media

36.3 million people in the UK used Facebook in 2019. What impact would 0.1% of those people become your new customers have on your business? The more visible you are, the better chance that you have! Share gift ideas; do ‘Countdown to Christmas’ offers. Give value on your product or service. Click here to see how a business page works on Facebook. 

Plan your expenses

What about that Party for the staff? That littler gift for great performance? Giving everyone a couple of hours off to go shopping? It all adds up, have you allowed for that?

Monitor your cash flow

Work out where your business is at by keeping an up to date cashflow forecast, then use this information to make important decisions for the holiday period as well as the rest of the year too. Mail me at with Cashflow Forecast Template Please in the subject line and I’ll send you a FREE Cashflow Forecast Template

Reward your staff

Your team are your greatest asset, in any business. Make sure that you celebrate all that they contribute to your business. Too often owners focus on marketing strategies, sales drives, KPI’s and numbers, whilst forgetting that it’s your team that will have the biggest influence on making your business great.

Plan your holidays

If you are taking time off over Christmas, but the business is still working, talk to your team so you know that the wheels will keep turning whilst you are away. Delegate tasks and leave procedures for these tasks while you are gone, this should cut down on the calls to you.


Running a business is hard, make sure to have fun when you can, because you deserve too!

Do you want to learn how to implement one or all of the items above, or book a complimentary coaching strategy session worth £750? Then click here.