Who do you know who would be a brilliant business coach and/or team builder?

ActionCOACH UK is gifting referrers £16,000 per successful introduction to the ActionCOACH franchise.

Who do you know who isn’t finding the levels of fulfilment in their career that you know they could find in ActionCOACH? Or perhaps you know someone great who is facing redundancy through no fault of their own? Maybe you know someone finding it hard to land a dream role in an ageist job market? Or you may know a successful entrepreneur who’d be open-minded enough to consider acquiring one or several of our franchises? Or someone who has reaped the financial rewards of a successful corporate career and now wants to give back?

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ActionCOACH UK is gifting referrers £16,000

Complete below and submit the names of the well-suited people (think would they fit well into our team culturally) you mention the ActionCOACH franchise opportunity to, so you get the rewards you deserve:

With only ¼ of UK territories remaining and 5 UK territory owners having already proven this can be a £1+million business, there’s never been a better time to start speaking with your friends, family and acquaintances. Perhaps the first step is to get them to watch Business as Unusual on Amazon’s Prime Video and then ask them if they could ever see themselves doing something like Gary Keating, Cassandra Boddington, James Burke or Mitali Chopra?

It just takes 6 minutes of their time and even less of yours…

It just takes 6 minutes of their time and even less of yours! The first thing to do is to ask them to invest 6 minutes of their time to see whether the franchise opportunity is for them. Make sure you let them know the next 6 minutes could change their life forever… They can then decide whether to carry on and gain more details about the opportunity with the 22-minute follow-on video.

Watch the overview video

This quick video will explain how the franchise opportunity works