Mark Willis of KMS Litho Printers started to see a change in his business and personal life within weeks after working with an ActionCOACH. Mark says he has become more relaxed and has been able to achieve a better work life balance – in fact Mark can’t remember the last time he came in to work on a Saturday!

The most valuable thing I’ve got working with my ActionCOACH is 2 weeks on holiday in the sun – without an email or a phone call. Simple as that.

With 3 new team members KMS Litho is now a more streamlined business and seen a 30% sales increase. Mark explains the ActionCOACH system was explained to him in a simple and he has been able to stick to a simple plan that has enabled his business to grow.

If you’d like to kick-start your business growth and you want:

1. More time

2. A more efficient team

3. And to grow your profits

Then find your local Action Coach today!