How are you going to get your business to where you want it to be next year? Many business owners set out to meet their goals with an idea of what they want to achieve without being equipped to handle day-to-day challenges or unexpected problems. This is why coaching is vital to stress-free business growth. With your own business coach, you will have someone who can give you support and advice backed by years of experience and training, so you can make your business truly great.

On Friday 16th December, we were joined on the Big Friday Finish by ActionCOACH UK Performance Director James Vincent! He has coached 3 Team GB athletes into the Top 5 in the World with one of his clients winning GB’s first-ever medal in Men’s Badminton at the 2016 Rio Olympics and oversees all areas of business coach and firm builder performance and education. He has been awarded ActionCOACH EMEA Master Coach of the year several times due to his track record of helping businesses and individuals to grow and thrive. Here are just some of the many reasons as to why coaching should matter to you:


To be held accountable for meeting your goals

Every business needs a mission, vision and set of goals for there to be any growth. You and your business must keep evolving, and you cannot meet your goals – short term or long-term – if you do not plan how you are going to meet them. To carry out bigger plans and long-term goals, you first need to have daily plans in place and the discipline to keep working on them consistently.

One of the main reasons business owners benefit from business coaching is because they have someone to hold them accountable for getting things done. Plans can be hard to make and even harder to stick to – that’s why you need someone who can help you make plans that work and then make sure you take action. A business coach will not only make sure you are meeting your goals but will also help you in your own personal development so you can be the best version of yourself for your team and customers.

To give you systems and strategies that work

Systems run your business. They are essential so that everyone knows what they are doing and when and how they need to do it. How consistent your results are depends on how consistently you do things in all areas of your business. Your cash flow is a key indicator of how you are functioning – if the way you are doing things is sustainable, then your cash flow will be predictable and will cover any investments you have to make.

Your coach will be able to spot critical areas you need to change. They will be able to help you test and measure current and new business strategies so you can see what is working and what isn’t. You need to be clear on your strategies in everything you do, which is why it helps to have someone to listen to your ideas and concerns and to give an objective opinion on the strategies you are currently using.

To help you create a winning team

For systems to effectively run your business, you need your team to be running the systems. And to run the systems consistently, your team needs proper leadership and management. This starts with recruiting the right people and then training them well enough to develop

skills they could carry with them into other jobs but treating them well enough so they don’t want to work anywhere but your business. It also requires you and your team members to understand what each person does and why it is important. With this knowledge in mind, you can figure out how to delegate so each person is doing what they do best.

To lead your team well, you need passion, focus and the ability to inspire these qualities in the people you are leading. You are not just responsible for making sure things get done but for holding the team together and helping them to grow. With the help of a business coach, you will have a new insight into how each role fits together and what still needs to be done to ensure strong communication in the day-to-day running of your business.

To boost your marketing to the maximum level

Marketing is a commonly overlooked area of business. It is often seen as a waste of time and money, and is not made a priority. What many business owners don’t realise, however, is that sales start with marketing. After all, how can you make sales if you are not engaging with your audience in the first place? Your marketing should stand out, get people talking and address their problems so they want to do business with you.

If you have any worries about the investment required, your coach will be able to help you figure out how much time and money to put aside so your marketing brings more sales without draining your resources. Marketing is an essential part of communicating with your audience and making sales so you have to do it wholeheartedly. Your coach will be able to offer an outsider’s perspective on your marketing as if they were a potential customer, and will be able to tailor the most effective marketing strategies so they work for you and your business.

To learn more about why you could benefit from business coaching, please watch the webinar here.